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On Hiatus

It seems like I forgot to post that this project is on hiatus, I am now posting frequently on my real wordpress blog -> . Right now I don’t have the time to put the art into the card format, change the stats, write the descriptions etc. it just takes too much time.
Keep drawing guys. :)

– I think that everything related to OTT-monsters should be posted here, so I decided to give my WarMons-Tournament 2013 character Taro, an OverkillTagTeams entry, he is a Reptana after all. You may have seen the artwork already on my normal blog without the decorations-text-numbers-etc. . –

– Another one, this one changed quite a bit. –


– I said I would show you how the original sketch I drew looks. :)
I may upload more like these, it may be interesting for some people.
You may notice that my signature changed, that is mostly because I changed my name and grew tired of the complicated symbol. Now my signature even has my logo-symbol in it (not as detailed, but the basic shape). –


Fortex – Walking Forest

– The guardian of the Origo Forest, the first forest to exist in the world of “Overkill Tag Teams”. (I don’t think I got the grammar right in that last sentence, even Google Translator doesn’t know how to translate what I had in mind, from German to English. :/ )


Repaxon – Toxic Reptilian

– A toxic dinosaur? It’s kind of funny to see how a really old and ugly sketch can turn into this, I kinda like it. I may upload the original sketch tomorrow, so you can see how it looks. –


I made some icons for the website, especially some that fit the really small website icon size. It’s not showing up everywhere yet, so you may not be able to see it until… tomorrow… I don’t know how long wordpress takes for those things to get updated. I actually wanted to have the title in the icon, but it is so small that it usually looks bad or unreadable so I drew a dragon on a yellow/gold like background – I guess that fits the theme of this website/project too.

A new Monster will be uploaded tomorrow…. you won’t believe how long it takes to give the old monsters the new layout….damn..

The following 6 Monster entries got updated with the new template, new background and some with infos on the creature as the first template version didn’t have a space for that …. have fun. :)


Reptana – Banana Dino

– A friendly dinosaur that looks partly like a plant/banana. I am going to record the drawing process of some of the OTT Monsters so you can see how they are drawn. A bunch of the OTT monsters are based on, or revisions of old sketches that I drew, so it can happen that you have already seen the old sketch on my deviantart account. –


Hello! I am finally back to updating my websites, -> so, what’s new?

-> I now have a custom url for this site, instead of – now it is just

-> The layout for the monsters changed, it is easer to read and just looks more friendly and clean ( some of the monsters with older layouts will eventually be updated or reuploaded. )

-> … and guess what, I got my driving license, oh yeah :). That was actually what kept me quite busy and nervous the last month so I decided to take a break from most of my internet activities.


Repirnoss – Heavy Punch Saur

– For now the final Stage of the Repi Dinosaurs line. Have fun with this friendly fighter. :) –


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